When it rains… it… hails?

A couple of weeks ago, North Texas had some severe weather.  Being that we are true “Okies” my husband and I were enjoying the show from our covered porch sipping wine (in Oklahoma, storms happen pretty frequently and usually* aren’t anything to be too concerned with, so the weather warnings that send Texans diving into bathtubs with mattresses to cover them do not have the same effect on us).

Anyway, we were enjoying the lightening and were keeping up with the weather updates in case we needed to wake the babies and take shelter, when we heard the first pieces of hail hit the ground.  baby hailThe report said “baseball sized” and I thought, “Man, Texas weather men are even worse than the ones in Oklahoma?!?” (See picture- I shouldn’t have scoffed… perhaps I brought what was next upon my self for doubting.)

After a few more huge flashes of lightening and thunder so loud it seemed to shake the house, the skies opened up!  Hail… oh. my. heavens.  The weather men were not kidding!  Baseball sized.

Again, being from Oklahoma, I’ve lived through a lot of hail storms.  But this took it to a whole new level.  It’s true, everything’s bigger in Texas!huge hail

We had to move our storm watching party inside due to the shrapnel. The humongous pieces of ice were shattering as they made contact with the ground sending smaller pieces everywhere!  Needless to say, we were in awe of mother nature and the damage she was wreaking on the freshly manicured lawn, the three cars in the driveway, and the poor roof.   All we could do was watch.

In between the flashes of lightening and the barrage of ice chunks I would check the monitor.  Thank goodness for our white noise machine… babies slept straight through it all. Whew! (PS- at no point was there threat of tornado for our county.  We’re not totally reckless!)

Hail the size of lemonsAfter 15 minutes of hail on earth, mother nature calmed down and we were able to assess the damage.  All three cars were JACKED! We were lucky the ice thrown at the speed of a fast ball didn’t break through our windshields entirely (some cars in the area had that happen so they were dealing with water damage as well!).  And it was too dark to see the roof, but considering what it did to the cars, we just knew a new one was in our future.

Seriously… think of how much hail falls during a storm… ALL OF IT WAS THIS SIZE!!!  I’ve never seen such a thing!

So… fast forward to now.  We’ve called insurance and have taken the cars for an estimate.  We just heard back from our agent that the cars are in fact totaled and, of course, the price is not any where near what they are actually worth (I’m not just saying this either, my husband keeps the cars in tip-top shape).  SO FRUSTRATING. We JUST got one car a year ago and paid the other one off around that same time.  Grrr….

The only plus side to any of this is that, for the first time in my adult life, our finances are in a place that this will not cause complete and total setback/huge debt.  We can handle it, it’s just going to put our timeline slightly out of whack and it is a huge inconvenience. All because of a few (understatement) hail dents and a new windshield.  *eyeroll*

usually*- there have, obviously, been some very terrible storms to hit OK, I’m just lucky to have never dealt with a deadly one personally.  


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