The Universe Heard my Plea!

This is more for me as I have zero followers…lol.  But my last post was me whining about the inability to communicate with my IP’s during this lengthy wait to the fun pregnancy part. I was feeling desperate to connect with the parents whose baby I would be carrying and had resorted to reading ALL THE BLOGS on infertility, IVF, and pregnancy struggles just to remind myself that all this waiting will be totally worth it. I was filling the void I was feeling with random people’s stories.

Anyway, two days after I published my whiny blog my case manager emailed and stated that the IF was going to be in the area and that, even though our legal contracts were not signed, he wanted to take my husband and I to dinner to get to know us better!  Yay!  Wait… am I being monitored on here? Nah… it was just fate. Right?!?

So, it was a Monday and we were planning to get together that Friday for a meal! What great news (Side Note: trying to orchestrate dates, times, locations, etc. ALL through a middle man is pretty hectic and frustrating— but it was all SOOOOO Very worth it!).

Later that same day, I was also asked by the class of 2017 Salutatorian to introduce her at the Honor’s Breakfast which is quite an honor.  She’s a pretty outstanding student and I am privileged to be the teacher she chose to introduce her!

THEN… I guess the universe really thought it had some making up to do… I was also notified that I was nominated by the senior class to be a Class Marshall at the graduation ceremony.  I do NOT know what this means but was told it is an honor… perhaps I shouldn’t get too excited yet, since it could certainly be a not so pleasant “honor.” But it is nice to know that my students seem to like me.  So many times we teachers feel like our job is thankless… and so many times I, personally, have felt like I am being too hard on these kids that already have a lot of pressure on them (I teach AP) and they probably hate me.  So, when something like this happens, it affirms my belief that loving kids but also challenging them is critical and they can handle it and will appreciate it all in the end.

The cherry on top?  School is out in two weeks!!!  Yay summer and yay spending all day with my babies swimming, playing, learning!Graduation

So- to wrap it up… Thanks universe for knowing just what I needed and providing just that!

May is off to a great start!