Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy. But… here’s my number. Call me, maybe?!

May 2017- I can’t recall the exact date and I am far too lazy to go seek that information out (I blame it on the Texas heat and the chasing of two babies ALL day and the swimming and cleaning and meal making and the deck building and the lesson planning- Ah, summer at its finest).  BUT, the point is that the meeting with the IF was amazing.

I mentioned before that it was rather hectic trying to get organized (date, time, location, etc.) using a 3rd party, but we made it work.

We were going to the hotel that the IF was staying in.  He was between trips and made sure to have an evening in TX just to meet with us.  The restaurant was FANCY- like, scraping crumbs from the table between courses fancy.  I was happy Jesse and I decided on a last minute wardrobe change as I would have felt severely under dressed if I hadn’t worn the business attire I decided on.

Anyway, after searching for a parking spot and making our way through the zombies and walking dead clientele that had taken over the hotel (there was a huge convention in town) we made our way up to the Mai’tre D who officially introduced us to IF who was already waiting at the table (So so so Fancy).

The dialogue started immediately; there was no time for uncomfortable silences, which I feared would pervade the evening. He asked questions that naturally got the conversation flowing and it stayed that way for four hours.  Considering he had to fly to the east coast for a college reunion and my husband and I both had to work- we were exhausted when we finally made it home around 11:30.

My take away: this man is probably one of the most brilliant people I have ever talked to. Not in the, “he’s so smart but can’t converse with the peons” type person, he’s very approachable and charismatic.  I teach English and this man has read all the stuff I teach in addition to many of the books I love (all the way down to Harry Potter!) in addition to his knowledge of cellular biology and, of course, business and technology.  He knows everything about everything- I really am not exaggerating that much at all.  I was stunned.

We got to Facetime with his wife, IM (intended mother), for a short time as well.  It was nice to see her again and I absolutely LOVED hearing their back story- how they met and fell in love which, eventually, led into the troubles they had conceiving.  Then, the heartbreaking loss.  It took quite a bit not to cry at the table.

Towards the end of the evening, we discussed sharing our contact information even though it was against the agency’s policy.  We all decided to keep it our little secret and the conversation has continued ever since.  I love getting pictures of their little boy (they used a surrogate before) and hearing about his developments as well as getting to kow IF and IM better.

Before we left, IF gave us two gifts, one for Tucker and one for Sage.  It was so very thoughtful of them to do that and while Tucker and Sage will not meet them for a very long time, IF and IM have already made a pretty awesome impression on them.

We ended the evening with a hug goodbye and, at least for me, a certainty that I am doing the right thing for the right people.  I am so excited for ALL that is to come.


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