Progress… or is it?

We were now able to (illegally) communicate with the IP’s!  Yay!  We had cleared all the major hurdles and were now just waiting for the contract phase.  I, stupidly, thought that this would happen fairly quickly once we were medically cleared.

When I finished my application to become a surrogate at the end of January 2017 I was very sure that I would be working towards growing another couples family before the end of the school year.  Yes, I know that online research says it will take longer.  Yes, I read ALL the things about surrogacy and timing and the steps before I signed up.  Yes, I know that thinking that was crazy.  But, in my defense, the CEO of the agency said that the longest part was getting matched and we were matched less than a week after my basic background check cleared!  Also in my defense, the surrogate that I met with said her process sign up to transfer was 3 months.  Even my case manager led me to believe that things would be moving quickly and that I needed to be prompt in responding to emails and completing required tasks.  So, when school wrapped up and I wasn’t with child… I was bummed and frustrated.

We were halfway through June before were were contacted by our lawyer ready to go over the legal contract (50+ pages- woah!).   Needless to say, my husband and I put everything on pause and immediately read the contract (separately and took notes on questions we had so we could compare later).  We both had questions about a few items, but it was pretty straight forward and made sense.  About four days after we received it to look over, we were able to get on the phone with the lawyer who walked us through step by step (this will be a separate post).  We only had ONE thing we wanted to add: since I have never given birth in a hospital, we requested that my midwife be able to act as doula during the labor.

The lawyer added that in and sent it back to the IP’s lawyer for approval.  About a week later, we were ready to sign.  Finally!!!!  The last hurdle!

Bring on the embryo!  I was super excited and thought surely we’d be transferring so so so soon.  umm… not how that works.  Silly me.

I immediately emailed the clinic in CA (where the IP”s embryo’s are stored) all excited about getting my meds going and moving things forward only to be given this exasperating piece of info. In Texas (and probably other states as well), the medical stuff can’t start for two weeks once contracts are in place and the medical process is 6-8 weeks before the transfer.  Ugh… more friggin’ waiting.  Grrrrr………



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