Cycle Start!

June 28th, after the official “cooling off period” that follows the signing of the contract, we FINALLY were contacted by the IVF clinic in CA with a calendar of medication protocols and a transfer date of August 1st- give or take.

So, some back tracking— As soon as we were medically cleared I was put on birth control and instructed to stay on active pills only.  So from April- June I was on a low estrogen pill and every time, right around my normal start date, I would experience breakthrough bleeding.  The clinic kept saying “it is normal” but I was worried.  It wasn’t just spotting- I was essentially on my period (just rather light).  I also worried that things wouldn’t line up for the start of the transfer cycle.

But starting June 28th I started adding a DHA supplement (omega 3 for brain development), baby aspirin, and continued taking the active birth control, my vitamin D supplement, and prenatal vitamins. It’s a handful of pills but that has never bothered me.

On July 5th this package arrived and frankly freaked me out. I knew to expect it, but, like many surrogates have said, this was the moment it felt most real!medications

My cycle calendar and protocol looked like this:

  • July 9th: last birth control pill, continue prenatal, vit. D, DHA, and Aspirin. This was also the last night I am allowed to drink. You can bet your ass that last drink was savored to the VERY LAST DROP!
  • July 10th- baseline ultrasound (my lining was at a 7.25 and I was told this was normal for having been on birth control for so long) I am to continue prenatal, vit. D, DHA, and Aspirin.
  • July 11th-13th- continue prenatal, vit. D, DHA, and Aspirin.  My period started on the 11th and was very light.
  • July 14th-25th- I started taking estrogen 3 x daily and continue prenatal, vit. D, DHA, and Aspirin.
  • July 25th I went in for a blood draw and lining check.  My lining was at an 8.75 and according to the doctor at the satellite clinic here in TX that was “perfect” and “if I were your doctor, you’d be starting progesterone shots so that we could transfer in 6 days.”  I, of course, had to wait to hear that from the CA clinic, but it was a relief to hear.  I was nervous that my uterus wouldn’t cooperate

My calendar only went up to that date so I wasn’t sure what was next!  I anxiously waited all day to hear from someone about the next steps!  Around 5 pm I got the call and the new calendar for continuing medications…

Oh, and the embryo transfer is scheduled for Monday, July 30th, at 11:45!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Holy cow… It’s here!  I don’t even know how to describe the feeling.  I’m a bit freaked out but also just excited!!!!  I can’t believe this is finally

But first… the shots.  eeek…….


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