Shots… shots… shots… shots…. shots… shots!

No… not the fun kind.  Again, I haven’t had a drink since July 9th.  Sooo so so sad!  But it will be totally worth it in the end, I’m sure of it.

After my lining check on the 25th I was instructed to continue all the same stuff (Estrace 3 times a day, vit. D, DHA, Aspirin, prenatal vit.) but to add in the nightly progesterone shot.  I swear that I am not a pansy and shots have never bothered me, but this, for some reason, was freaking me out.  Perhaps it is because my husband (ie. not a professional) would be the one giving it to me.

A few things those of you going through IVF (as a surrogate or for yourself) should know:
1) apparently PIO or progesterone in oil is not the only option.  They make it in a more watery option… talk to your clinic.
2) you can ask for a smaller needle.  The one they originally showed my husband and I was fucking HUGE.  Like- 7 inches and a centimeter thick (okay, not really, but it was really big).  When the lady saw my face, she assessed my size (I weight 150) and decided that we could have the smaller gage needle.  Thank heavens.
3) it really isn’t as bad as some of the blogs I read made it out to be.

So… first shot… here… we… go…

Here’s the needle!
Jesse looking far too happy about sticking me…
Our neighbor is a nurse and gave Jesse a crash course.
They practiced on an orange.
I didn’t even feel the stick! So much hype for nothing!

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