Blind Corners and More Waiting…

I hate not knowing how things work and how to plan for them.  My type A personality doesn’t deal well with not being in control.  So I find myself googling things like, “how long will it take to start bleeding during a miscarriage?” or “When will my BETA numbers be back down to zero after miscarriage?”  or “How long before I can do another FET after miscarriage?”

The consensus… everyone is different and really there is no telling.  *eyeroll*

So, I am waiting.  Ugh.  The sadness still lingers.  I am okay mostly, until I realize that now I have to start back at ground zero and the parents do too. Or until I realize that moving next summer, instead of being recovering from labor and delivery, I might be giant pregnant and miserable in the Texas heat.  Or until I realize that my current teaching schedule is NOT conducive to morning blood draws and early morning U/S visits (which is how the monitoring clinic here likes to schedule things). Or until I think of how glorious my schedule would have worked out perfectly for afternoon visits with my OBGYN. There are a ton of tiny little moments like this that I have to shake off throughout the day.

So, after a weekend of googling previously mentioned miscarriage questions and attempting to get some sort of contact from the CA Clinic to find out what will happen when and roughly how long it could be before we move forward with another try to make these IP’s a baby, I succumbed to just trying to breathe and find silver linings. I attempted to just “be okay with whatever” and “live in the now.” I do know that it will all be okay. I know that. I’d just like to know when.

On another note- today was my first day back with students. My teaching schedule is brutal.  I have 6 perios total and I teach the first 5 BACK TO BACK.  Which means I don’t really even have time to go to the bathroom between 8:30-1:30!  And, without processing time between classes, it’s hard to perfect my “spiel” and figure out which ways are most effective. AND I lose track of which classes I’ve said what to?!? Whew. It’s intense. To top it off, right in the middle of 4th period I become STARVING because I’ve been awake since 5:30 and my delicious breakfast that hubby made is no longer holding me over.

Its certainly going to take some time to adjust.  But I’ll find my groove. I always do.

This morning, since this whole taking the kids to school in addition to getting myself ready is still new, I forgot to take my “just in case I start bleeding” provisions with me in my bag. I figured it was the Murphy’s Law of Miscarriage:  If you aren’t ready for it (with pads or tampons etc.) it will surely come full on.  Right?!?  Maybe I could have taken this a step farther and tempted fate by wearing white?! Anyway, I was ill prepared but since it didn’t seem to be starting I figured it was alright to push my luck. Plus I teach on a hallway with women, surely one could help me out in my hour of need (if that hour should ever come?!?). And, there’s a nurse.

But, as it’s looking now, over halfway through my day, I won’t need anyone to rescue me and Murphy’s Law of Miscarriage is not a real thing. Boo. More waiting. 🙄

I did hear from the CA clinic today and will go in to the clinic here in TX on Thursday to have a blood draw and make sure BETA numbers are going down. So there’s progress. I’m curious; since my numbers were already so low, is there any chance they’ll be at zero by the time I go in for that draw?! I sure hope so.


PS- at 3:30 today as I was doing a quick re-read of this blog before publishing, I felt that all too familar gush. The dull back pain I had been experiencing early afternoon was not, in fact, due to standing all day in front of my classes but instead cramping. So perhaps Murphy’s Law of Miscarriage does work.

I feel it’s important to note that I am, by no means, making light of this situation. I am very devastated and rocked by this. To the point where my husband was worried that maybe being a surrogate is not a good idea. So, while this may seem as though it is not in good taste, please know that I do not mean to offend anyone who has ever gone through this or something much worse/more tragic. Again, my desire to be a surrogate is motivated by my desire to help ease the pain and suffering women who have struggled with this sort of thing and I am hugely humbled by now having experienced it myself. 


Day After Bad News

Today is better. I feel a bit more in control of my emotions and while I am still sad and disappointed, I have only cried once when discussing how long it will take before we can try again. That seems so far away, but, on the bright sides, it just gives me time to get back in shape. 

Speaking of. I went for a run today with my husband while my dad watched the kids. I really shouldn’t call it a run. It was more of a jog with quite a few walking breaks. It’s crazy how out of shape I’ve gotten in just the few weeks that I haven’t been able to exercise. Yeowch. It’ll get better quickly, I’m sure. 

There is a nice bottle of wine chilling in the fridge for dinner tonight, so that’s another plus!

On the details (for anyone that might be reading in similar situation) I have not started bleeding. I do have a wicked headache… not sure why it’s so persistent. 

I haven’t heard from anyone at the CA clinic, which is kind of disappointing. The only person I talked to at all was the on-call doctor. I’ve reached out to the nurse that is in charge of surrogates but she hasn’t called or emailed me back. I feel a bit overlooked but I also know nothing about the IVF world and clinic procedures so I have to assume they will reach out. Maybe? 

Anyway- things are on the up and up. For the most part. 

The official report

At 5:00 I called the CA clinic (3 their time) because I was done waiting. The IP’s were still holding out a small glimmer of hope that it was just too early and I wanted to be able to hope with them, but was struggling. 

After waiting on hold for a while I finally got connected with someone who put me on with the doctor that I spoke with last night when I was panicking.  She was also the same one I spoke with this morning when I was crying stupid hard. She was so very kind and even her gentle voice on the phone felt like she’d be hugging me if I was there in her office receiving the news. 

The pregnancy did not develop as normal. Just like the doc in the TX clinic told me during the ultrasound. (😢 here they come again) According to the pictures they received in the CA clinic, “there was nothing in the uterus” and “due to my low beta numbers, the situtuation looks like it will resolve on its own.” This means the pregnancy has already ended and I will eventually start to miscarry. 

I’m pretty devastated. I think it might be more deveststing than if it were just mine. But this wasn’t mine. I was trusted to hold and care for something ever so precious by two very thoughtful and loving people and I fucked it up. I know that I did all I could and followed all the rules I was given exactly, but something still went wrong and it’s hard not to question what I could have done differently. 

So, super nice doctor instructed me to stop all meds. She told me that my beta numbers were in the mid 200 range (my last beta two weeks ago which had doubled was at 389 or something) so they are already dropping. I will have to go in weekly until the number is back down to zero. I should start bleeding soon and she advised that it should be much like a regular period. I do still have to make sure and go to the hospital if there are any sharp pains (sign of ectopic pregnancy) or if I soak through more than one pad an hour (hemmoraging). 

When I asked what this means for trying again, she said that she couldn’t really advise me since she isn’t the doctor on my case, but the normal protocol is to wait until the start of my next cycle. So bleed/miscarry, wait until my hormones do what they are supposed to do naturally (decrease, rise, ovulate, decrease, period), then hopefully start bleeding again. After that we can begin a new cycle. Depending on my body it could be anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks before we can even start BC and such again. Which means it is highly likely that it will be November. Ugh. Waiting is miserable. And again, it isn’t just me. There are two other people who are waiting. And they only have one more little girl embryo left. 😢😭😭 (if I stop drinking water will the crying stop?! Anyone know?!)

This all sucks. 

So- in an effort to halt the tears I’m going to try to find some silver linings:

  • Wine- I can officially drink again until my next cycle starts. (But really, once I had stopped, I don’t really even miss it that much. 😕)
  • Sex- I was so very much looking forward to getting some tonight. But I’ll be honest. I have a head ache from crying all day and crying during sex is pretty much a turn off. (And I’m eventually going to start bleeding and that makes things messy. Ugh, even this is not really quite the pick me up I was hoping for)
  • Running- again, not feeling like it right now, but maybe tomorrow a good long run will feel nice. To sweat and get my heart thumping hard in my chest and to feel out of breath and tired. (I’ll be honest again, two weeks of yoga first thing in the morning might have converted me. It’s so much easier on the body and is kind of a nice way to start the day.)

This list didn’t help. I’ll cut myself some slack; it’s still too soon. I would happily give all this stuff back for the sound of a heartbeat… 

well, maybe not the sex. 😉


Not good news.  Not at all.

I am supposed to be somewhere around 6 weeks pregnant.  Like 6 weeks and 3 days or something.  My fake Last Menstral Period date is July 12th (transfer date of 5 day embryo was July 31st).

I was super anxious and kept trying to tell myself to calm down and that I just needed to wait.  I told the doctor when he came in for the scan that I am surrogate and the parents would like to facetime during the appointment BUT I had some bleeding last night and now I am a little worried.  He said that while he would love to have the parents present, he felt it would be best to get the good news first and then call them.

I agree.  We can always pretend it is the real deal and that way, if, heaven forbid, there is bad news, I can steel myself for its delivery.  Or maybe the doctor would do it.  I had no clue how it all works.

Dr. tilted the table back so my lady bits were way up in the sky.  Then he inserted the probe for the trans-vaginal ultrasound. It seemed an eternity as he moved it around and clicked a couple of images for the clinic.  He explained that my lining was “nice and thick which suggests pregnancy” and then got quiet again.  He kept moving the wand around.  Then sighed.  Fuck.

He explained that there is nothing in the uterine cavity that would suggest pregnancy. They should see at least a sac but they usually, at this point according to my dates, expect a sac and a pole and usually a heartbeat.  He also explained that dates could be wrong (though I certainly don’t know how that all works.  I mean, the date was pretty clear on the transfer and the date of the embryo was verified 435 times before they inserted it?!).  I don’t know.  I have never done IVF.

Then he explained that he was going to check my ovaries in case it was an ectopic pregnancy. But, upon examination, they seemed clear.  That, though, “doesn’t mean that I am in the clear.”

I am thankful that the IP’s weren’t on the phone because I couldn’t control the tears.  Again.

As he removed the probe and lowered the table he said they would like to draw blood but need to get on the phone with the CA clinic.  (Way too early to get a hold of anyone there so I called the emergency line again and the same doctor from last night talked to the nurse here in TX.)

Before he left the room I asked for clarity, “There is no way I have a viable pregnancy? It’s not just too early?”

His reply, “I do not think so.  It is either ectopic and we will need to take action or the situation is already trying to resolve itself in miscarriage which explains your bleeding.”

More tears.

Jesse decided that he didn’t want to just go into radio silence with the IP’s so he texted them and let them know everything that we know.  They immediately called to check on me.  I was still a crying mess and couldn’t talk except to try and apologize.  They were so sweet and caring and concerned for me (not the child that I am apparently miscarrying/going to miscarry) and that only made it worse.  Their genuine heartache FOR ME made me feel so much more guilty.

What went wrong???

I went to another clinic to have my blood drawn and now we wait.  I have been instructed to continue meds as prescribed and they will be in contact.

Again, a blind corner.  I don’t know what comes next but I am both afraid of it and anxious for it to be here already.

Bad days… worse.

T-minus ONE HOUR

Que tears.

I can’t control my emotions y’all.  I’m a damn mess.

T-minus one day (aka yesterday)- I dropped my kids off for their last day of orientation and my son, who doesn’t want to use the potty at school for some reason (Google claims this is normal), was getting VERY anxious in the car line.  The teachers come get the kids out of the car to help with separation anxiety (I LOVE THIS SCHOOL) and we’ve talked to both of the kids a lot about how we need to greet the teachers when they get there and be polite, etc.  So when I started into that speech, Tucker looked at me with eyes filled with terror and promptly started to cry.  Real tears.  Real, BIG, tears.  I KNOW that it is because he needed to use the potty and didn’t want to at school.  Then, because he was crying, Sage got scared and she started crying.  Que tears from mommy.  Lots of them.  Mascara smearing style tears.  And snot.  Oh the snot.  (note to self, put tissues or napkins or something in the car!)

Then, my husband texted about these new pans.  He does 90% of the cooking at our house (have I mentioned just how awesome he is??) so he spoiled himself by getting some new pans.  Well I used one of the pans to make salmon the other night and the tongs I used to turn the salmon scratched the pan.  He was upset about me not being more careful.  I felt bad, but in the exact moment I got defensive instead of just apologizing.  So Boom, now I’m fighting with my husband over a damn pan and crying about my kids who I just know are still crying and making the teacher’s lives hell and they are going to get kicked out of the amazing school that I just love and my life has melted to complete and utter shit.  (Which is totally not true, I could tell that both babies were fine before they even made it into the building, but still…)

So, I walk into the school looking ratchet as hell, sit in the meeting without talking to anyone and WILL myself to get my life together.  But, as I am sitting there, the water works start again.  I do NOT cry publicly y’all.  I am not that type of person. I yell and laugh and I am a completely open book and will answer any question (no matter how personal) with truth, but I do NOT CRY.  And here I am sitting there in this meeting with tears streaming down my face because I’m fighting with my husband over a pan.  What is wrong with me?!?  And how do I escape to the bathroom to avoid a scene?!?!  I was only just barely holding it together and was at the point where the kind person who might dare ask me, “Are you okay?” would release the flood gates.  So I stood, and with my best “don’t look at me” body language, escaped to the bathroom where I looked in the mirror and gave myself a mental pep-talk:  GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!! And that’s when the tears really fell.

So, when you can’t beat them…

I slid down the door (the farthest from the toilet I could manage) and sobbed into my hands and sniffled into the rough paper towels and try to muffle my cries into my knees. When the tears and sobs stopped, I stood, cleaned my face as best I could, and walked back into my meeting.

I felt a lot better.  I apparently just had to get it out.

I finished knocking stuff out at work.  I was a machine.

But, the day was not done with me yet.

After the normal evening chaos (feeding, bathing, snuggling babies) I felt only what I could call pressure in my pelvis.  This is totally TMI but it felt like I needed to use the bathroom.  So that’s where I went.  Much to my dismay, I did not need to go.  So I wiped.  I felt an all too familiar slipperiness and looked down.  Sure enough.  Red.  Bright red. Alarm bells immediately started sounding in my mind though I have read enough on pregnancy/IVF/TTC boards to know that bleeding in early pregnancy is fairly common.  I tried desperately to remain calm, but was failing miserably (see above about being emotionally unstable).

I called my husband into the room to have him look.  As if he was going to be able to tell me more about the situation… um, hello…. he has a penis and he is NOT a doctor.  How I thought he would be able to tell me I don’t know.  Again, not thinking logically.

I immediately went to take my suppository and have my husband give me my progesterone shot… I am supposed to take them in the evenings and usually wait until just before bed, but I know that early losses are sometimes due to progesterone levels being low so what could it hurt, right?

Then I called the emergency line for the CA Clinic.  And googled.  And texted a couple of friends who had experienced early miscarriages.  Everyone said the same thing (obviously the doctor’s words were most comforting as, ahem, they do this for a living): “bleeding in the first trimester is nothing to fret about and is very common.  Try to relax as best you can and wait for your scan tomorrow morning.”

Ensues more tears and more anxiety.

A day I’ve been so looking forward to for multiple reasons (yay heartbeat, yay release to normal life, yay sex!) is now something that I am very very very very anxious about.

The active bleeding was very short lived and the pelvic pressure stopped after a few minutes.  I was eventually able to get to sleep, but the exhaustion that haunted me all day was suddenly no where to be found.

This morning, I had a couple drops of blood in the toilet that was more brownish.  I would bet it was left over from last nights episode. At least I am hoping that it’s all over and done and everything is just fine, but I am now not so confident that is the case.

As I draft this, I am one hour from the appointment that I have been excited for for weeks.  I was so very much looking forward to having the parents on Facetime to share in hearing their daughter’s heartbeat for the first time. For the first time since I peed on the stick and saw two lines, I am now filled with anxiousness that maybe there won’t be a heartbeat.  How will that make the parents feel?  How am I going to feel?  Does it mean that I did something wrong?  Why is this happening?  How could I have prevented this bleeding?  What does the bleeding mean?  Please please please please please let it just be something random and not signs of something much more horrible.  Please please please please don’t let me disappoint these parents any more.  They have suffered enough.   Please please please please please let everything be okay.

ugh… here I go.

T-minus 4 days

Today… oh. My. Goodness. Today. 

First, some background info. I am a control freak. I am probably your typical Type A personality. I like to know what is coming, what it will look like, why it’s on its way, how I can streamline it… I think I already posted something about this. I do not like blind corners! 

When I don’t know the answer to these questions, I tend to overthink and stress. I get anxious and brainstorm possible outcomes with potential variables that I might face when I turn the corner and have NO CLUE what might be facing me when I get there. I am also able to, logically, recognize that stressing about ALL the potential problems and their outcomes is often futile… but what else am I supposed to do?!? Huh?! Just sit there, patiently, and breathe?! Yeah fucking right! 

So- back to my day. 

Today my kids, my babies, my precious angels (yes, I expect you to forget that my post a couple days ago accused them of ruining my life) had their first day of preschool. 😬😳😩❤️😢

My sweet kiddos have, for the last two years, been staying home with their grandmother, my mom. We are so extremely lucky that she was willing to help us out (um, daycare for two = mortgage payment!). Plus they were getting one on two attention which is a damn good ratio!! All this to say, neither of them have any firm memories of being cared for/taught by someone else (Tucker had a brief stint in daycare before he was even a year old). 

All THAT to say, that this was a big deal for our family today and while I love (I mean love love love love) their school, it was essentially turning a blind corner. What if they get hungry like they did all summer right at 10 and starve to death?!  What if they misplace their water bottle and they get dehydrated and have to be hospitalized? What if the teacher doesn’t know how to change a cloth diaper and Sage ends up wearing a poopy diaper all morning and gets a rash? I mean, guys, they could die. How can I make sure to prep for all of the what ifs?! 

And, just like always, everything went just fine!

With quick kisses, before I could even bend down to hug them myself— they were off exploring their new school.  Not even a second glance back for assurance. 😢 Not even one tear shed, one slight glance of “is this alright? Am I safe?”, not one care for their poor mommy who was anxiously standing there trying desperately not to sob.

No tears (from them) just excitement and adventure. I know that is the absolute best possible way for it to happen. But as we made our way to the car I lowered my sunglasses to hide the tears that betrayingly leaked from my eyes. 😭

Then, since it was just a half day of orientation, during pickup, as soon as my son was in the car he asked, “Can I come back tomorrow, please?”  

How great is that?!? Again, LOVE this school. 

And Sage, not quite as verbal, when asked, “do you like Mrs. Teacher?” (Name excluded to protect the innocent) replied “I do!!!” And vigorously shook her head yes. 

I’ll call it a win. And well done preschool teachers! I salute you for making this happen! 


On the surrogacy front- I. Can’t. Wait. ‘Till. Friday. I can’t. I’m going to die. My marriage is withering. We are starving. 

Okay, I’m slightly hyperbolic but 7 weeks is a fucking long time. Too long. 

T-minus 5 days…

Sick kids ya’ll… ugh! 

The hardest part is their disrupted sleep. Their stuffy noses and coughs wake them up and, while they don’t ever get out of bed, they will cry for “momma” which is the most heart breaking sound in the universe (both because my baby is sad AND because my sweet sweet sleep has been interrupted)! 

My 3 year old boy and 20 month little girl share a room. Luckily, they’re both hard sleepers and know one another’s sounds enough to ignore the other when they’re tired. But last night they were tag teaming us. First Sage, from 11:00 until 12:30. Then around 5:10 Tucker woke up from a bad dream and needed some snuggles to calm back down. 

I have to wake up at 5:30 in order to get my yoga/workout in so that I can be in the shower at 6:45 and dressed by 7:10 when babies have to get dressed. So, the most amazing part of my tale today is that my dearest husband, man of my dreams, best daddy to ever exist got up and dealt with both babies last night so that I could sleep. 

You guys— I didn’t even have to ask. He just did it. That’s why he’s such a keeper. This is certainly not just one random incident- he does so much ALL the time. But this was particularly noteworthy since I’ve been feeling my only sign of pregnancy- TIRED. 

Moral of the story- perhaps my husband won’t owe me quite as much as I thought once life returns to normal 😉😉.

Friday, I am so ready for you. Only 4 more sleeps. We’re almost there, guys!!!

T-minus 6 days…

Friday (exactly 7 days from U/S and hopefully sweet release back to normal living) felt a lot like Tuesday since it was my second day back to work. 

I managed to be productive and get most of the pre-start-of-school paperwork crap out of the way in spite of the mind numbing “sit and get” meetings we were in. 

I do LOVE the “family” thing the principals/instructional coaches decided to put together this year- though, I’ll be honest, I was hardcore 🙄 as I was standing there waiting for this meeting to start. But, once things got rolling, I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve only been at this school for 3 years and hardly know anyone out of my department. This is a pretty cool way to get to know some other people. (My school is pretty huge and our location apparently has so much development, teacher turnover is pretty high- so as I learn others names they leave and then I have to learn another name. It’s a challenge on top of 166 kids!)

Also on Friday, we promised my son that we would take him to see real fireworks. We let them stay up on the 4th but only did small fountains in the backyard. We figured 3 was old enough to stay up and see some big ones and there are some so close to us every Friday we figured we’d send summer out with a bang. 

Little did I know- those damn fireworks don’t start until 9:30 😳. Luckily my daughter napped and my son didn’t lose his shit (though I am always fully braced for it to happen any time he stays up past 8 since I’m a stickler for a schedule). 

The fireworks did not disappoint but ridiculously my kids did not end up passing out in the car like I expected so they weren’t in bed until 10:30! TOO LATE. Way way way too late. 

Annnnndddd we are paying for it. They both have some sort of summer cold today with runny noses and obvious congestion. I hate when they are sick:

  1. They’re obviously uncomfortable and my mommy side wants to make them feel better (but sadly, making them feel better often involves torturing them to do so. The nose frida is a blessing and a curse 😑)
  2. Because they are uncomfortable they are whiny. Add on to that sleep deprivation and you have a recipe for- well… for FML. That’s what! 

All that to say, it is currently 6:25 pm and both my kids are asleep in their beds! 🙌🏻

I will not be far behind them, but I also might spoil myself by going to the grocery store ALONE! It’s crazy how your small celebrations change post kid(s).  I’ll be honest again- they kind of ruin everything. 

OBVIOUSLY that is totally not true and I don’t really feel like that. But don’t you moms out there reading this lie and pretend like thoughts like that have never crossed your mind. Be honest. It isn’t all snuggles and rainbows and kisses and greatness. I have a nearly two year old and a three year old. Ask anyone- those are THE HARDEST ages so when it’s bad it’s so so so bad. But also, when it’s good, it’s enough to make you want another one (those of you pre-children consider yourselves warned).

On the surrogacy front- I’m 6 days out from U/S and unofficially 5 weeks and 5 days pregnant. They won’t make any of that official until they are able to measure. 

No real symptoms yet, but that doesn’t surprise me. The only thing that might suggest that I’m pregnant is that I’m slightly more hungry than normal and I’m tired. But the tired could also be a direct result of the strain of not losing my shit on my poor sick kids who were whiny and sleep deprived. Who knows! 

Let’s hope my kids sleep soundly and let’s all say a little prayer of thanks for the genius that created the Time to Wake Clock (Moms- if you don’t know about this- GOOGLE IT! My kids have been trained to stay in their beds until the clock turns green! It’s glorious. If they wake up at 6:45, they play and lounge until 7:10 when it turn green. It’s awesome!)

T-minus 8 days… oh lord 8😩

Ok- so ladies who have to get shots in their ass, LISTEN UP.

Two days ago my ass hurt! There were visiable bruises and knots on both injection sites. It hurt to lay on my sides or even on my back! It was never unbearable, but I was sharply aware of my back side ALL the time. 

Then I did that yoga which really got my blood flowing and worked my muscles. And guess what!?! The pain in my ass is gone! The knots are better (though not completely gone), the bruising has disappeared, and the injection sites are no longer painful to the touch!!!! 

I swear, working out helped! 

If your rear hurts–work it out! Get your muscles moving and it’ll help move the hormones around and lesson the pain! I feel like a new woman! (This may be a no brainer, but when you are told not to get your heart rate over 140- you might not know how to balance all of it and I really think yoga is the key. It’s a good workout but it’s slow moving and smooth- not josteling or jerking or hard on your body like running.)

Anyway- I’m currently sitting in our welcome back teacher meeting on the first day of professional development and obviously it’s riveting 🙄. I should probably get back to semi-listening to all this critical information that has stolen the last days of summer 😑. 

PS- if any administrators out there are reading- please try this practice. It is something I do myself, in my classroom, but requires brutal honesty. Ask yourself, “Is this critical? Do I NEED my teachers/students to do/know this? Will they be better teachers/students/humans/people having heard this? Am I just trying to fill time?” The key, again, is brutal honesty. Good teachers (and our students) are trained to spot bullshit. And if any of their bullshit radars get set off your message will no longer do whatever you intended it to do and your audience will then be pissed or worse yet, TOTALLY DISENGAGED. That is all. Good day. 

T-minus 9 Days…

I am sore! That yoga yesterday was great! I had begun to miss that feeling! Seriously- try that yoga!

Today’s distractions entail:

  • Watching Daniel Tiger so my kids have a decent idea of what to expect today when they meet their teachers.
  • Watching a second episode so Sage knows what getting a shot is all about (if you have small kids, I HIGHLY recommend Daniel Tiger. It prepares my kids for real life stuff and makes me a better parent).
  • Bribing my kids so that I can brush their hair before we go out in public. The benefits of having my mom watch the kids the last two years is that it didn’t matter what they looked like! 😂 
  • Wrangling kids into the car (I HATE car seats).
  • Doctors office for a shot for Sage 😩
  • Meet the teacher(s) immediately following Doctor’s office
  • Lunch
  • Nap time for Sage/Learning play for Tucker
  • Show time and snack
  • Then pool time or play time or something
  • Then dinner out while my dad puts the babies to bed!

Whew. I’m glad it’s filled though, because otherwise I’ll just sit and stew and be cranky (which is NOT my norm!).

Hope everyone else is enjoying the end of summer! Or, if you’re one of the unlucky ones that don’t get a summer, I hope you’re having a good week!!

PS- my backside isn’t nearly as bruised feeling. I honestly think the exercise helps circulate all those hormones and disperse them throughout the body! 

PPS- MY KIDS LOVED THEIR TEACHERS AND THEIR SCHOOL! Both were sad that we had to leave! That makes this momma’s heart so happy!