I know I know I know I know… it’s too early.  I really do know.  But there are some women that actually get positives this early!  I know it because I obsessively look for this silly stuff online ALL THE TIME. I have always been interested in female reproduction/hpt/pregnancy/infertility and its one of the reasons I signed up to be a surrogate.

Anyway, I know it is early and I know the odds are against me BUT WHAT IF?!?!  That what if is what compelled me to test this morning. This is the result:

3dp5dtIt is totally dry now so even if there were a squinter there would be a chance it was an evaporation line.

But now I am wondering if maybe because it was my first urine of the day (which some women swear isn’t as dependable for an accurate reading as second morning urine) I should test again… hummmm????

I mean, they’re only a dollar.  I guess we will see.



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