Transfer Trip!

On Saturday, July 29th, we got our car packed up and made the drive to visit my sister.  She was watching the babies for us while we traveled to CA.  We have left Sage overnight a few times, but each time in a new place makes me anxious.  Not because I don’t trust where we leave her, but I HATE the idea of leaving a sad, crying, terrible baby with someone.  We figured (my sister and I both) that getting there a day early and helping put them to bed the first night would make the second night easier.  So, off we went— we swam, ate pizza, put the babies to bed, then caught up on life’s events since we last visited.  Then to bed.

On Sunday morning, Jesse and I got up and headed to the airport and landed in CA at 10 their time.  We had practically a whole day to putz around and since the hotel room wouldn’t be ready until 3, we decided to drive into San Francisco and look around.

I think many parents can relate to this, but having kids totally ruins spontaneity.   Keeping a happy family means running a fairly tight ship (i.e. schedule).  As a mom I am constantly looking at my watch and making sure that there is time enough to get to point A before baby falls asleep or needs to be fed or before he needs to go to the bathroom or she needs a diaper change or… there are a trillion other things that are constantly preventing a whimsical “lets do this” right now.  So, just deciding to drive into the city, without having to plan it all out was glorious.

These are terrible pictures and most are taken from the car (parking was a bitch) but it’ll be nice for me, someday, to look back and reminisce.  Jesse and I both have been to San Francisco before, but I was very young and Jesse was moving so he didn’t have time to really look around the town so we opted to do the touristy stuff.  We saw the Golden Gate Bridge, went down Lombard Street, saw Alcatraz, ate at Fisherman’s Wharf, drove up for a view of the city from Coit Tower.  It’s such a cool city.  So much to see!

After our driving tour of the city, we went back to the hotel to get ourselves ready for dinner.  We were meeting the IF who traveled into town for the transfer.

It was nice to visit with him again and we tried to facetime the IM but the restaurant was too noisy and the connection wasn’t all that great.  I really can’t wait to get to know her better and I hate that we still haven’t had the change to meet face to face.  It’s hard, though, for her since they live so far away and they have a little boy who is just starting to regulate and develop a schedule (see paragraph above, ugh!) so I completely understand.

We had a nice meal and around 8:30 (10:30 our time) we went back to the hotel for bed.  I took my handful of meds, got a shot in the ass, and deposited my progesterone suppository.


Jesse and I woke at 5:30 (7:30 our time) and were not going to go back to sleep.  So we went for a 3 mile jog.  According to most FET protocols, vigorous exercise is frowned upon until after the BETA draw (9 days post transfer) so I wanted to get that in before I had to take a break.

We ate breakfast at the hotel and took our time getting showered and dressed. Jesse had to do a few things for work so I read some stuff for my English classes.  It was very relaxing.  I kept waiting for my nerves to creep in and for me to get antsy- but it wasn’t happening.  At least not yet…

We decided to go walk around for a little before the appointment time and before I got out of the car, I wanted to check how long it would take to get from where we were to the clinic.  Just for comfort.  My map took me to a different location but the address was so similar that I couldn’t quite figure out why it wasn’t right.  There was a minute (okay, more than that really) where I was terrified that we were going to accidentally go to the wrong place and those nerves I kept waiting for finally arrived.

I also didn’t have my water bottle (I can’t even begin to tell you the last time I left my house without my water) but I forgot it for this trip and since I was supposed to have a full bladder for the transfer, I got anxious that I wasn’t drinking enough.  Jesse thought that I was being ridiculous and I probably was, but I didn’t want to fuck anything up.

I was that kid in college that would just stay up all night studying instead of falling asleep and risk potentially sleeping through the test I was studying for… this is how I would describe the anxiety I was feeling.  I just didn’t want to do anything that might potentially mess it up!

Once I was certain I was hydrating properly and I KNEW for sure where we were going, we were able to walk around and window shop a bit before heading to the clinic.

At the clinic, IF met us in the lobby and showered us with gifts for our kids.  It was really quite ridiculous how thoughtful, kind, and generous they have been.  Our kids are getting spoiled rotten by these people! He had a camera for Tucker and a bunch of blocks for Sage.  It was just so thoughtful!

After checking in, the IM called and I got to visit with her.  She had set an alarm to wake up and call since it was the middle of the night where she is.  Again, so thoughtful!  She wished me luck and thanked me profusely.  I told her that I greatly appreciated that she trusted Jesse and I with such a huge undertaking.

And then it was time.

And I REALLY had to pee.   A lot.

Once I was in the room (I wore a T-shirt dress for “easy access” and comfortable coverage  since we both wanted to make sure that the IF could be in the room with us) and situated, Jesse went to get IF and we all hung out in the room while they got prepped.  They verified three times that we were all who we were supposed to be and the embryo was the right one from the right parents.  That was what took the longest out of the whole process and it only took 7 minutes or so!

The nurse located the sweet spot with the ultrasound wand (she commented on how full my bladder was… lol) and the doc inserted a speculum (just like for a yearly PAP). That was all I felt.  She explained a lot more and pointed things out on the screen, but I couldn’t feel anything except my VERY full bladder.

Once the embryo was in place, they double checked the delivery device to make sure it was empty (it was), pulled out the speculum, told me to “take it easy” but not to worry “it wasn’t going to fall out,” and reinforced that all the meds continue “as is” until instructed to do otherwise then shook hands and stepped out.

From start to finish it was… maybe… 20 minutes. *shock*

I had read that it was anticlimactic… but it really truly is just that.

We hugged IF a few more times and told him we would be in touch.  He had some work to do in the city and some friends to visit around town so we parted ways in the parking lot.

Jesse and I, since the doctor gave approval, drove around for a little bit- got some delicious pizza for lunch, and then made our way back to the hotel for an early bedtime.

It was a really great day!

We woke up early the next morning and headed to the airport.  We were at my sister’s around 2:30 and on the road back to TX around 3:30.

Now, we wait.

Aug. 9th’s BETA can’t get here soon enough!


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