Ok- so today is the equivalent to 9 days past ovulation (according to some basic math, though I am not good at math AND I am not very well versed in the IVF world).  And, from there, I was able to find out that there is a 64% chance that a pregnant lady will test today and still get a negative test. (Countdowntopregnancy.com)

I also did some reading on the Assured brand tests. They are not the most sensitive tests, which I knew already (but husband doesn’t want me spending $475,000 on tests, understandably). This test will only show positive if there is 50miu+ of hGC in your system so early levels might not register. 

Anyway- all this being the case, I was realistically optimistic when I decided to pee on another dollar store test this morning: 

I don’t see anything yet. Do you?! 

And I know that’s okay, but I’d also be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m starting to get a little anxious. 

I KNOW that each IVF chance has about a 63% chance of being successful, but what if we are in the 37%?! What if these poor parents have to wait even longer? What if they “wasted” their little girl embryo on me? Ugh. 

I will try to let the logical side of me maintain control for now- it IS still early. These AREN’T sensitive tests. 

But man… 😕


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