Alright- I seriously have a problem. 

I literally can’t control myself. I am still 4dp5dt, except it’s probably more legitimate since the transfer was midday and in CA… (look at me trying to justify my dumb ass actions 🙄).

I had one more damn test in my house and I had all the intention of waiting until the morning to pee on that sucker and then my husband, who is fully aware that I cannot legally drink right now because we are under contract, went next door to have a margarita with the neighbors leaving me unsupervised and butt hurt (literally- he gave me my shot) and my lame ass thought, “huh, I have to pee.” 

And because, just like all addicts, I knew when I sat down that that damn test was there in the cabinet, right there next to the toilet, right there just in reach… 

and so I peed on my last test. Sonofa… 

So, maybe, if you stand on one leg, shut the opposite eye, hop around in the clockwise direction and tilt your screen just perfectly right with the brightness at the perfect degree— maybe you can see something?

I’ve lost my mind. Officially. 

Luckily the psychological screening took place long ago or they would, for sure, not accept me. I’m batshit. 

Ok- welp. I have no more tests which means that I will either have to convince the husband that the 6 tests (oh lord, I know- I only posted 3 of them here, but you all might as well see me in my full on POAS addict glory) I already purchased that were supposed to tide me over until the BETA were bad tests and I really “need” to get a couple more OR I’ll just have to F’ing wait.

(And, as you can tell— the latter of the two options is probably not likely- because I have a problem… like, seriously.)


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