No HPT today! Go me!

I was instructed to not get my heart rate over 140 so instead of my normal workouts, I’ve been waking up to do yoga and then my husband and I go for a walk in the evening. I’m thankful to be doing something exercise wise. 

I don’t know much about IVF and even what I know having done the FRozen Embryo Transfer (FET) is just the tip of the iceberg according to what I’ve read. But, from an outside persepctive, it seems a bit counter intuitive at times. 

For instance, the 24 hour bed rest following the transfer- it seems like science might be a bit iffy as to whether this is necessary. It seems like making a woman sit around to stew on whether or not that teeny tiny microscopic little dot might fall out of her if she stands up is just begging for a stressful environment for said little embryo. Let the mom go have lunch with a friend or walk around and distract herself as best she can! Let her laugh and have fun or go to a movie or something! And, from my research, many doctors are now recommending this- it seems to be 50/50- half on the rest train, half on the “continue as normal” train. 

I’m glad that this shift is happening- and luckily the doctor we used for the transfer was more on the latter side than the doc my IM had. IF was telling me that when she had her first transfer the doctors wanted her to sleep with her legs elevated and her head below this hip level. Basically inverted. 😳

Another thing that is frustrating is the working out. Again, I’m pretty sure that the embryo is not going to fall out, so continuing to exercise would seemingly do more to help the mom rather than sitting around. I mean, endorphines are natures high, right?! They are “make you feel good” hormones! Wouldn’t that be a good thing?!?

Again, I do NOT know anything about the IVF/infertility world and I know that I am so so so lucky that pregnancy and getting pregnant was easy for me. I certainly don’t say this to brag- believe me. My heart aches for women who struggle— ITS WHY IM DOING WHAT IM DOING! But it just seems backwards in some places. 

So, all this to say, I’m glad tomorrow is Wednesday for lots of reasons:

  1. I get to take my last pregnancy test! The addict in me is screaming to pee on that sucker!
  2. The IP’s will know and maybe just maybe I’ll learn baby girl’s name!
  3. Hopefully I’ll be cleared to resume exercise as normal.
  4. My husband and I have been instructed not to… um… have any fun. (The first three weeks I could still orgasm we just couldn’t have sex- which I TOTALLY understand [we want to be extra careful that the baby in here does NOT belong to us].  But, post transfer, they have been pretty strict and I am not allowed to orgasm at all (which I also get- orgasms cause uterine contractions which could interfere in some way). So, I’m hoping this will also be lifted! I’m pretty sure my husband is too. (If momma ain’t happy then ain’t nobody going to be happy!)

Just one more sleep… ahhh… sleep (I’m so so so tired! Doubtful that the hormones are causing this so soon; it’s more likely that getting up at 6am to work out and then chasing kids all day has me worn out. [It takes me at least 5 sessions to type an entry unless the babies are sleeping.])


    2 thoughts on “No HPT today! Go me!

    1. Oh so fun to share stories and read stories of another mother and surrogate mother! I agree with you, I did a lot of things during my own pregnancy that some may freak out about mostly just staying active and listening to my body. Hopefully science can get some research out there about women knowing their bodies. Off to find out how I follow you!


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