9dp5dt- BETA day!

I woke up at 6 to do yoga and took the last hpt:

Obviously getting better so I’m hoping all the levels look good and that the blood draw shows everything to be where they need to be! (They will check hormone levels- estrogen, progesterone, as well as hcg)
I’m sitting out in my car outside of the clinic- I got here a little early so I went ahead inside. They pulled me back before my appointment time and immediately drew blood. It took all of 5 minutes. Literally in and out. 

I’m glad that I haven’t told the parents even though it seems like they should be the first to know and I hate that they aren’t. Reason being, the lady that drew my blood asked if I had taken a test and when I grinned and shook my head “yes” (because I’m sure she thinks I took ONE test- not ten!), she asked what the result was. When I said it was positive I qualified it by saying that I hadn’t told the parents yet. She verified for me that that is best. They like to know hormone levels and be super certain before getting parents hopes up. So I am doing the right thing waiting, which I knew, but it’s always nice to have someone reaffirm it!

Oh!!! And the IP’s JUST CALLED!!!

They are so sweet and wanted to call to let me know that “no matter what the outcome of the test is today” they are “so thankful” for what my family is doing for their family. I love these people. So amazing for them to call!

Anyway— back to waiting for official results. I should get a call before the end the day today from the clinic in CA! 

Ugh- I hate waiting. Luckily, where the IP’s are, they will be sleeping through this waiting and I’ll hopefully have very awesome news for them when they wake up! 


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