I’m sure that anyone reading this is already aware of what a pregnancy BETA test is all about. Hell, just from being on some of the pregnancy boards prior to getting pregnant the first time I was able to figure out that it was measurement of the pregnancy hormone HCG. But, it’s mostly used for women who are using assistance to get pregnant (IUI, IVF, etc.). 

So, women who haven’t had any medical assistance to get pregnant might not know anything about it. 

Here’s a chart I found for a single embryo transfer (AKA singleton pregnancy):

The chart starts at 10 days past ovulation and I was 9dp5dt so 14 (thanks, friend for pointing out my math mistake). The nurse confirmed that I was indeed pregnant (🎉) and I found out a little later from IM that my beta was 197 (196.7 to be exact). 

Essentially- I’m on the lower end of the chart which only really means that this little embryo took her sweet time implanting and has been growing quite nicely since! 

I will go back in on Friday to have another BETA done and they are looking for my number to have doubled. So 394 for 16 days past ovulation (dpo).

Now- the flip side to the beta test- as you can see, there is quite a range. Some embryos implant and start growing right away (higher beta #’s) others take their sweet time (lower #’s).  This is absolutely normal and some women (especially those that have experienced loss or have struggled to get pregnant) get anxious and worried and stressed about these numbers. I certainly don’t blame them but I do firmly believe that staying calm and relaxed is so so so important to early pregnancy- hell- the WHOLE pregnancy and especially labor. 

But that’s a hell of a lot easier to say and do having had what many would consider an easy time getting pregnant, staying/maintaining pregnancy, and getting to labor. So I should probably just shush. I know. 

Anyway- good news that we already knew, I’M PREGNANT! 

There was some… cough… umm bad news (for the husband- not the IP’s) but I’ll cover that in my next post. There are some negative sides to IVF and surrogacy that are pretty rough on the sex life 😑.


One thought on “BETA- 

  1. I think if you were 9dp5dt, that would be 14dpo. But it’s still a great number!! I’m sure the IPs are elated! How exciting that you are getting to carry this precious baby for them. 🙂 I hope everything continues to progress well!


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