2nd BETA and waiting…

I just got the news from the clinic in CA that my beta numbers nearly doubled 384 (perfect double would have been 394) so we are “right where we need to be” according to the nurse. 

You want to know what’s frustrating?  I called the satellite clinic I’m working with here in TX to see about the results and after waiting a few minutes and verifying my identity they told me that the results had been sent and I would have to wait to hear from MY clinic- in freaking CA. 🙄 I mean, I know that they were probably just staring right at the info and I find it pretty annoying that they couldn’t just share that info with me. Hell- its MY info to know right?!? That’s my blood you analyzed there people! Grrrr… I know that there is probably good reason for it- but I don’t directly know what that good reason is so bleh on them. 

Anyway- so I had to just wait. And as anyone reading this might have figured already, I kind of suck at doing that. I’m actually a very patient person and I LOVE surprises, but with this stuff I can’t seem to let things just hang out there in the universe. 

For now my orders are to continue my same medicine routine (baby aspirin, DHA, prenatal, estrogen x3, progesterone shot @night, and suppositories x2). No running (🙄), no sex (lord help us all), and no “intentional” orgasms (yes, they are different. I even went so far as to call and was told that specifically. I feel like there is some wiggle room with that term “intentional” 😂 But don’t worry. I will follow orders even if they are dumb and I hate them). 

My ultrasound is scheduled for Aug. 25th. 

Please feel free to distract me from all this waiting in any way you see fit! 


5 thoughts on “2nd BETA and waiting…

  1. I found the follow button finally sheesh lol! And I am the same exact way about being patient with this process! It’s so strange I have the patience of a saint usually but with this I am so excited to get to the big transfer that it’s like COME ON. But I am practicing being better lol.

    That whole results thing is so weird like just tell you they’re your results…

    Curious do you regularly chat with the IPs whether email or phone or video chat?

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