T-minus 8 days… oh lord 8😩

Ok- so ladies who have to get shots in their ass, LISTEN UP.

Two days ago my ass hurt! There were visiable bruises and knots on both injection sites. It hurt to lay on my sides or even on my back! It was never unbearable, but I was sharply aware of my back side ALL the time. 

Then I did that yoga which really got my blood flowing and worked my muscles. And guess what!?! The pain in my ass is gone! The knots are better (though not completely gone), the bruising has disappeared, and the injection sites are no longer painful to the touch!!!! 

I swear, working out helped! 

If your rear hurts–work it out! Get your muscles moving and it’ll help move the hormones around and lesson the pain! I feel like a new woman! (This may be a no brainer, but when you are told not to get your heart rate over 140- you might not know how to balance all of it and I really think yoga is the key. It’s a good workout but it’s slow moving and smooth- not josteling or jerking or hard on your body like running.)

Anyway- I’m currently sitting in our welcome back teacher meeting on the first day of professional development and obviously it’s riveting 🙄. I should probably get back to semi-listening to all this critical information that has stolen the last days of summer 😑. 

PS- if any administrators out there are reading- please try this practice. It is something I do myself, in my classroom, but requires brutal honesty. Ask yourself, “Is this critical? Do I NEED my teachers/students to do/know this? Will they be better teachers/students/humans/people having heard this? Am I just trying to fill time?” The key, again, is brutal honesty. Good teachers (and our students) are trained to spot bullshit. And if any of their bullshit radars get set off your message will no longer do whatever you intended it to do and your audience will then be pissed or worse yet, TOTALLY DISENGAGED. That is all. Good day. 


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