T-minus 6 days…

Friday (exactly 7 days from U/S and hopefully sweet release back to normal living) felt a lot like Tuesday since it was my second day back to work. 

I managed to be productive and get most of the pre-start-of-school paperwork crap out of the way in spite of the mind numbing “sit and get” meetings we were in. 

I do LOVE the “family” thing the principals/instructional coaches decided to put together this year- though, I’ll be honest, I was hardcore 🙄 as I was standing there waiting for this meeting to start. But, once things got rolling, I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve only been at this school for 3 years and hardly know anyone out of my department. This is a pretty cool way to get to know some other people. (My school is pretty huge and our location apparently has so much development, teacher turnover is pretty high- so as I learn others names they leave and then I have to learn another name. It’s a challenge on top of 166 kids!)

Also on Friday, we promised my son that we would take him to see real fireworks. We let them stay up on the 4th but only did small fountains in the backyard. We figured 3 was old enough to stay up and see some big ones and there are some so close to us every Friday we figured we’d send summer out with a bang. 

Little did I know- those damn fireworks don’t start until 9:30 😳. Luckily my daughter napped and my son didn’t lose his shit (though I am always fully braced for it to happen any time he stays up past 8 since I’m a stickler for a schedule). 

The fireworks did not disappoint but ridiculously my kids did not end up passing out in the car like I expected so they weren’t in bed until 10:30! TOO LATE. Way way way too late. 

Annnnndddd we are paying for it. They both have some sort of summer cold today with runny noses and obvious congestion. I hate when they are sick:

  1. They’re obviously uncomfortable and my mommy side wants to make them feel better (but sadly, making them feel better often involves torturing them to do so. The nose frida is a blessing and a curse 😑)
  2. Because they are uncomfortable they are whiny. Add on to that sleep deprivation and you have a recipe for- well… for FML. That’s what! 

All that to say, it is currently 6:25 pm and both my kids are asleep in their beds! 🙌🏻

I will not be far behind them, but I also might spoil myself by going to the grocery store ALONE! It’s crazy how your small celebrations change post kid(s).  I’ll be honest again- they kind of ruin everything. 

OBVIOUSLY that is totally not true and I don’t really feel like that. But don’t you moms out there reading this lie and pretend like thoughts like that have never crossed your mind. Be honest. It isn’t all snuggles and rainbows and kisses and greatness. I have a nearly two year old and a three year old. Ask anyone- those are THE HARDEST ages so when it’s bad it’s so so so bad. But also, when it’s good, it’s enough to make you want another one (those of you pre-children consider yourselves warned).

On the surrogacy front- I’m 6 days out from U/S and unofficially 5 weeks and 5 days pregnant. They won’t make any of that official until they are able to measure. 

No real symptoms yet, but that doesn’t surprise me. The only thing that might suggest that I’m pregnant is that I’m slightly more hungry than normal and I’m tired. But the tired could also be a direct result of the strain of not losing my shit on my poor sick kids who were whiny and sleep deprived. Who knows! 

Let’s hope my kids sleep soundly and let’s all say a little prayer of thanks for the genius that created the Time to Wake Clock (Moms- if you don’t know about this- GOOGLE IT! My kids have been trained to stay in their beds until the clock turns green! It’s glorious. If they wake up at 6:45, they play and lounge until 7:10 when it turn green. It’s awesome!)


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