Day After Bad News

Today is better. I feel a bit more in control of my emotions and while I am still sad and disappointed, I have only cried once when discussing how long it will take before we can try again. That seems so far away, but, on the bright sides, it just gives me time to get back in shape. 

Speaking of. I went for a run today with my husband while my dad watched the kids. I really shouldn’t call it a run. It was more of a jog with quite a few walking breaks. It’s crazy how out of shape I’ve gotten in just the few weeks that I haven’t been able to exercise. Yeowch. It’ll get better quickly, I’m sure. 

There is a nice bottle of wine chilling in the fridge for dinner tonight, so that’s another plus!

On the details (for anyone that might be reading in similar situation) I have not started bleeding. I do have a wicked headache… not sure why it’s so persistent. 

I haven’t heard from anyone at the CA clinic, which is kind of disappointing. The only person I talked to at all was the on-call doctor. I’ve reached out to the nurse that is in charge of surrogates but she hasn’t called or emailed me back. I feel a bit overlooked but I also know nothing about the IVF world and clinic procedures so I have to assume they will reach out. Maybe? 

Anyway- things are on the up and up. For the most part. 


2 thoughts on “Day After Bad News

  1. Glad to hear today is better. When I found out there was no heartbeat it look about three days to start bleeding so it may be a couple more days. Enjoy your wine. It always helps to wine about it, I have found.

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