TRANSFER DAY round 2 part II

The worst of my problems right now:

So let’s recap: 

After my cryfest on the plane and then a much needed day without a schedule, my husband and I woke up at 5:20 CA time. Not unexpected- that’s 7:30 my time and a nice sleep in for my normal Monday routine. 

We lounged around until the breakfast was served and then headed back to the room for more lounging. I was so comfy back in bed and the change in my normal routine almost made me forget to take my morning meds!!! 😳 Don’t worry. It didn’t take long to get my act together! 

After a bit more relaxing for me and Jesse getting caught up on some work- we decided to get our workout in so we could shower and dress in plenty of time for the appointment. Jesse went for his run and I did my yoga. 

Our IP’s had a dear family member who lives in the area join us at the clinic. This helped fill the gap left by the IP’s and she was so great. The IP’s talked about her calming presence and how sweet she is and all this held true. It was a bit nerve wracking at first (meeting someone new and the feeling of having to be “on my A game” created a bit of pressure, but that was VERY quickly calmed by her demeanor). She IS very calming and I was thankful to have someone from their family there.  It was nice to talk to her and have a bit of distraction while we waited. 

Speaking of waiting- I stupidly forgot to start drinking lots of water all morning and instead remembered about an hour before the appointment and chugged as much as I could fit in my belly. Last time I was about to burst! This time, when we were back in the room, the nurse asked if I needed to pee and 😬 um, not really. They got my another bottle of water and said we’d probably have to wait for a few more minutes before the Dr. would come in since they need my bladder full. Ugh, sorry! 😩

So we continued to chat while we waited, again, it was nice to have that distraction! 

Then, it was a flurry of activity. The three of us (me, Jesse, and IP rep) were joined by Dr., head nurse, and nurse in training. Then the lab guy! This room is tiny considering half the floor space is reserved for machinery and the table/chair/stirrups thing! We were stuffed in like sardines 😂.

We asked Dr. if we could call the IM and she said that as long as she didn’t have to do the talking, it was fine. So Jesse had her on the phone in a second and the process got started. 

Legs up, lights off! We verified birthdays and names and egg info and then she inserted the speculum, squirted my stomach with goo, placed the ultrasound wand, and inserted the catheter. First, they do a test with just saline and watch on the monitor to make sure they can see what they are supposed to see. Then, it’s the real deal. They bring in the needle like thing that has the embryo in it and insert that. Push the plunger and 💥 BOOM 💥 that little guy is tucked in tight and will hopefully attach itself and grow grow grow.  They double check to make sure that the embryo was ejected from the device and then we were told we were free to go. 

It’s crazy!!!  From the start of the activity down to the goodbyes only about 8 minutes passed! 😳

I got dressed and then said goodbye to IP rep and the IM and Jesse and I were on our way to pick up a lunch to go and then head back for more lounging. 

It’s not quite 5 here and I’m bored. But I’ll lay and lay if it will help. 

Oh- and my kids are super happy after spending the day with my sister. Which makes my heart happy.  

I’m so thankful for her help so we can do this for someone else!!! ❤️ 

Anyway- next on the ticket- dinner. Jesse will run out and grab something so I can continue to lay. 

Tomorrow, dark and early we fly home. 

Thursday I will start my creepy pee stick obsession.  Stay tuned. 😉


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