THE END OF D&C… or maybe?

I am exactly 23 days (just over 3 weeks) off from having the D&C and then the scary clot situation which I think was my body’s way of clearing everything out.

I just did a home pregnancy test and this was the result:

I think it’s all done. And I know my hormones are regulating as well because my chin is broken out. I’ve never been so pleased to have acne. 😂

My mood is better and my body feels better (though it never really felt BAD per-se).

Anyway- just an update- it was 3 weeks for the hormone to leave my body and I expect my period will resume in the new two/few depending on when I ovulate.


About 5 minutes later I looked at the damn test again:


Not quite gone but low enough to know that I’m nearing the end. 😕


4 thoughts on “THE END OF D&C… or maybe?

  1. They aren’t making you take another beta? My surro had to do two more betas after our chemical. I think it took her about 10 days for her hcgs to get down to non-pregnant levels. And we were five weeks or so. Again, I’m so sorry and I hope you feel better soon.

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      1. My IP’s dumped me so I don’t think any of that will happen. I’m sure, if we were trying again, they’d be more curious when my cycle would start so we could get the calendar together.
        I’ll test again next weekend and hopefully get a clear negative for HCG. Otherwise I’ll probably need to go to the OB and get checked. I don’t think the hormone should take more than 4 weeks to leave. Right?


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